Quiz Nite Cape Town will come into your venue, assess and recommend set ups and logistics for the night

Each quiz lasts for 90 - 120 minutes and the start time is the venues choice although we do have suggestions

The charge is a fixed cost per night and the quiz master will not collect money from guests. This allows venues to either host guests for fee o at a surcharge that is added onto the bill at the end of the night.

Prizes to be provided by the venue

We would either use your existing sound systems or bring in our own, we also have projectors if need be but do not have screens or tv's, the venue would need to provide this

Your venue will become part of our portfolio for advertising (social and paid for advertising)

We loved themed quizzes or standard quizzes, so make sure to try us for any event or weekly quiz

See our standard quiz layout below

History / Geography
Kicking off with these memory-jogging categories warms up your brain for the categories to come!
Science & Nature / Sport
Specific science & nature questions to which you’ll know the answer or not. Sport trivia involving some of the more bizarre games & sports facts.
Music / Art & Lit
An audio selection of film, series or musical themes, as well as those songs you know you’ve heard somewhere... Art & literature questions from the ancient through to the modern eras.
Guest / Current Affairs
The guest section is unique for each quiz. Current affairs questions referring to news stories both local and foreign.
General Knowledge / Film & Media GK questions covering all topics.
Film & Media questions from all films including animated and trilogies, as well as television series references.
Spot prize / Absolutely Impossible
The spot prize is a fun but tricky question and the team with the closest answer wins a special prize. The “abs Imp” lives up to its name, but the most accurate answer wins 2 bonus points for your team!